Our Story

Our History

The earliest known records for Headcorn Baptist Church (HBC) are for the eighteenth century when the church met in various locations, until a new building was erected outside the village. In 1819 the congregation met in a new place of worship under a Unitarian persuasion in the village.  The move back to a Trinitarian belief was gradual.  A special Act of Parliament in 1919 (The "HEADCORN BAPTIST CHAPEL CHARITY BILL") was accompanied by the church becoming a member of the Baptist Union.

Our Church Today

We are a church of around 20 members and seeking to grow with the addition of others who share our ethos and beliefs. We are ordinary people who enjoy the extraordinary and life changing experience of a personal relationship with God by faith in Jesus Christ. We aim to give a warm welcome to all – whether curious, cautious or uncommitted. We work together with Christians of different backgrounds to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the village.

Our Future

Our vision for the future is to grow this Christian community with new disciples of Jesus while retaining the intimacy and high involvement of the fellowship.  We want to enable people from Headcorn and the surrounding villages to encounter Jesus, engage with God, to develop spiritually and to put faith into practice in loving care within the community. We wish to maintain the involvement of all the members of the church and congregation.

We aim to be as involved as possible within village life, building good relationships with other churches, local businesses, and our community, while witnessing to our faith in Jesus Christ as the solution to the world’s needs. We also financially and prayfully support mission and charity work.

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