Notice Board

Next Sunday - April 18th 2021

Our Minister Rev. Steve Smith 

will be preaching via YouTube

on 'Jesus and Beelzebub'.

The service will include Communion.

If you would like to share in worship

with us, please look on our 'Sermons'

section of the website, where you will find

our YouTube links.


Our  Minister

If you feel you'd like to speak with our Minister

Rev. Steve Smith, you can find 

his contact details on the homepage of this website.


Although we need to stay safe,

so continue to worship God by ourselves

at home, please remember that you are

not alone! God's Word says: 

'Be still and know that I am God'.

and Jesus said 'I will not leave you orphans'.


  Please Note...

There will NOT be a service of worship at the church,

a members' meeting, or an AGM until further notice.

These will be rescheduled when things get back to normal.